Company health insurance for your employees

We help employers secure innovative company health insurance, group solutions that enhance employee wellbeing and satisfaction.

People are what makes a business and they are integral to business growth, making employee benefits such as company health insurance, a key component of many organisations’ strategic plans. 

Employee benefits can include private health insurance, dental insurance, as well as pension plans, cover for income protection, life and serious illness. When considering an employee benefits program for your team, it is important to take time to review your workforce and what types of benefits they will value. 

Even small businesses with one or two staff can establish an employee benefits program with a private health insurance plan tailored to their needs.

The best company health insurance plan at the lowest cost

Whether you have a current health insurance provider or not,  we can help you achieve the best possible cover for you and your employees.

We manage employer schemes to ensure that you’re on the best plan at the lowest possible cost  across all health insurers. We work closely with you to understand your employees’ needs, budgetary requirements and preferences, and will compare all plans on the market to find the one that’s right for you.  

For companies who have existing cover in place, we can provide a detailed comparison service and quote on alternative cover that meets your requirements whether based on price, level of cover or service provision.

Arrange a health insurance review for your company

Managing the escalating costs of medical insurance is a considerable challenge for any organisation and now, with creeping benefit-in-kind costs and literally hundreds of health insurance plans available on the Irish market, it can be difficult for organisations to manage this on their own and secure the best deal on their company health insurance package.

That’s where we can help – with a health insurance review and recommendation tailored exclusively to your company’s needs.

Reviewing your organisation’s health insurance scheme could deliver significant cost savings each year.

Our Company Health Insurance Review offers an extensive comparison of the benefits and pricing of all private health insurance plans available on the Irish market and provides a recommendation on the cover that is a best fit for your organisation.

We work with our clients to provide advice and assistance in these primary areas:

* Reviewing renewal options (switching health providers, change of health plan, obtaining ‘same for less’)
* Designing customised plans (specific to workforce profiles, ensuring provider transparency, enabling an annual review of plan performance and pricing)
* Developing and designing medium to long term strategies for medical benefits (providing cost control solutions to clients, engaging and empowering employees to select a plan which fits their life stage) and
* Developing a communication strategy for your workforce.

Specialists in company health insurance

Our innovative approach to offering both individual and corporate services has driven our specialist expertise and offerings in company health insurance. In fact, our team is recognised as one of Ireland’s leading health insurance advisors for its comprehensive understanding of the health insurance landscape.

Our company health insurance specialists can help your organisation compare the different health insurance packages available, customise plans specific to workforce profiles, review renewal options, achieve cost savings and create communication strategies for the workplace.

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