Practical wellness ideas for your workplace

Group health insurance schemes offer practical employee benefits that can be tailored to an organisation’s needs and budget.

We all know the importance of practile wellness ideas for your workplace, yet it can be tricky to identify practical initiatives that are a fit for both your organisation’s needs and budget.

That’s why group health insurance schemes are so valuable to the corporate wellness agenda; not only do they provide medical cover for your employees, they can contribute to a vibrant and diverse wellbeing program that meets a variety of your employees’ workplace wellness needs.

As one of Ireland’s leading corporate health insurance experts, Hennelly Finance has a comprehensive understanding of the health insurance landscape.

We work closely with HR teams to improve the management and control of healthcare costs, enhance your insurance plan mix, and develop a strong healthcare strategy for your organisation that supports your corporate wellness objectives.

Data driven, meaningful wellness ideas

The success of any organisation’s corporate wellness program largely depends on whether it meets the needs of its employees.

As a result, tailored wellness programmes are proving key to delivering employees with what they want and need.

Data driven corporate wellness initiatives are based on early detection and intervention, through measurement, employee awareness and engagement.

The result empowers employees to take a proactive approach to their health and wellbeing.

Wellness programmes can be fully customised to deliver a range of practical initiatives that are easy to implement, such as wellbeing webinars that can be viewed at home or at work; direct access to counselling, online programmes and assessments; treatment options and advice for back pain; and an unlimited, virtual GP service that can even deliver prescriptions to a preferred pharmacy.

Partner with the group health insurance experts

Hennelly Finance’s healthcare consulting team has a wealth of experience that can help your organisation achieve its workplace wellness objectives.

We understand the importance of finding the right corporate health insurance plan and we’re committed to making the process as easy as possible for you.

In fact, our team will take all the hard work of reviewing health insurance plans away from you, and provide you with a well-researched, tailored solution that ideally fits the budget and wellness requirements of your organisation.

We can also add value by providing a range of options from access to online health hubs, to wellness seminars.

Not only that, we are happy to be a direct contact for all your employees’ health insurance queries.

To find out how we can support the practical implementation of your workplace wellness strategy through a group health insurance scheme, give our team a call today on 091 670 123.